Evangelism - Pastor Steve Kreloff

The purpose of this class is to help each student learn how to share the message of the gospel in a clear and understandable way. We will be focusing on learning a simple gospel outline, as well as how to give a clear, personal testimony. The class will involve lecture, discussion, and some role-playing. Special attention will be given concerning how to introduce the gospel in a conversation, how to avoid getting side-tracked, and how to draw the net in leading someone to faith in Christ. We will also be reading the book, What Is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert.


Forerunners of the Faith - Michael Arbia

Forerunners of the Faith (workbook written by Nathan Busenitz, Dean of Faculty and professor of church history at The Master's Seminary) is a course designed to provide insights into how God grew His Church and how the ancient Christians responded to the problems of their day to become the pillars of faith we now consider them to be. We will learn how our faith stands on the shoulders of giants like Athanasius, Augustine, and Wycliffe. As more than a didactic resource, Forerunners of the Faith serves as spiritual encouragement as we look at the legacy of God’s faithfulness to his people.