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Pastor's Pen 9/12/2019



SEPTEMBER 12, 2019



This last May was my 38th year as the pastor/teacher of Lakeside Community Chapel. And in all of those years it never occurred to me that I should write a newsletter to the people of this church. But on a recent vacation (with plenty of time on my hands as I drove through the hills of North Carolina and Tennessee) the thought crossed my mind that it would be a great thing for me to write a letter to you from time to time, informing the congregation of various happenings affecting our church. In addition, this newsletter could include some personal thoughts from me, as well as important information from one or more of our elders concerning their respective ministries. And so, here it is – my first newsletter to you, which I have official named, “THE PASTOR’S PEN” (I realize that with the use of computers these days, most people don’t write with pens as much as they used to, but it didn’t sound right to call this newsletter “CLICKS FROM THE PASTOR’S COMPUTER”).   

While there are always new things taking place in a church our size, the recent changes in the children’s ministry is what I want to share with you in this letter. As most of you know, Wes and Brittany Andrews have recently moved away to relocate in the Denver area. For the last few years Wes has served on our staff as the director of our Children’s Ministry. He did a wonderful job, and he (and Brittany) will be greatly missed.

However, change also provides new opportunities to evaluate a ministry, and to seek ways to improve it and make it more effective. And that is the case with our Children’s Ministry. We believe that the needs of this ministry are better served going forward by having multiple individuals rather than just one person fill these roles. Therefore, under the leadership of Pastor Jason Bruns, there will now be three individuals carrying out the various responsibilities of the Children’s Ministry. I am delighted to report that Stephanie Bruns will be in charge of the curriculum, Kacie Segovia will oversee all scheduling, and Chris Denault will manage all of the logistics (supplies, set up/tear down of classrooms, etc.) Transitions are usually filled with unique challenges, but I believe that these three individuals will do a fantastic job with caring for the Children’s Ministry. I know they would appreciate your prayers as they seek to carry out their new responsibilities.

Jesus made it clear that children hold a special place in His heart, and therefore we cherish them at Lakeside. It is my desire that the children of Lakeside have the finest teachers, helpers, and Bible curriculum available. If you have any questions or concerns about the Children’s Ministry, feel free to contact Pastor Jason Bruns, the elder responsible for overseeing this work. He would welcome the opportunity to sit down and talk with you.

Warmly in Christ,

Pastor Steve