Dear Lakeside Family,

It is with much excitement that your Elders would like to share with you some proposed enhancements to our facilities here at Lakeside. Before sharing our plan, a little history would probably be helpful.

As you may or may not know, the Elders met with a group of men and women from our congregation a few years ago to discuss and get input about the needs of our facilities as it relates to the future ministry needs of our church. Out of this initial meeting several men were asked to form a committee to put together a plan for the ideal facility expansion. After many months of research and work, plans and preliminary costs were developed for a two-story addition attached to our current facility that would give us the ability to have everything needed to operate the church in one location, separate from the school. 

Unfortunately, the price tag for this dream was exceptionally large and would most likely incur an unacceptable amount of debt and would take years to come to fruition. The Elders along with the committee members continued to pray and consider other options. After much deliberation, prayer and fasting, we have come to the conclusion that a phased approach would be the most prudent way for us to move forward. Doing it in phases will allow us to tackle the project in smaller pieces, making it more manageable financially, and allow us to move quicker on some of the more pressing needs.

It is the first phase that we would like to ask you to support at this time. This first phase will solve a couple of issues with our facilities and set the stage for continued movement in the overall comprehensive goal of upgrading and expanding our facilities to accommodate the needs of our ministry.

The proposed enhancements of this first phase will encompass removing some interior walls in the back (south side) of the church and relocating some of the various spaces currently there, except for the kitchen. This new lobby will have two sets of double doors serving as an entrance and exit through a covered patio area which will serve as additional fellowship space. We also plan to have a coffee bar in this area adjacent to the kitchen. This will accomplish the goal of creating a larger foyer area at the back of the church which is currently the most common location through which people enter the church. However, they enter through small single doors and hallways, which is a detriment to our ability to fellowship with one another. It also makes it difficult to welcome visitors, many of whom park in the back parking lot and never enter our existing lobby. 

In addition to the new lobby area, we plan to solve another weak link in our facility by adding additional women's restroom facilities and a new ADA compliant Family restroom adjacent to the lobby in the rooms now being used as storage in the east hallway. Plans and drawings will be available along with some renderings of the remodeled space for you to view.

Again, this enhancement is the first step of any additional expansion project. It will open up the back of the church as the main entrance and courtyard area that can be used to incorporate any additional buildings, such as a children's wing, additional adult classrooms, etc. There are ongoing discussions about how to best implement the overall strategy, including things such as removing and replacing the current maintenance building in a better location, possibly covering the pond to make it more usable, and parking lot and utility improvements, all of which have to be addressed before any substantial building project could start.

In order to begin this process, we need your help. We do not have funds budgeted for this type of expenditure. Therefore, we are asking our people to rise up and assist in contributing to this project. We have made the decision to not hire a professional fund-raising company to solicit and plead for donations. We are going to rely on the Lord and His people here at Lakeside to meet this need, although we will keep you informed about the need as the project progresses. The overall cost of this initial project will be approximately $220,000. It may be a little more or less, depending on the costs of materials and furnishings. Our desire is to pay cash for this initial project and leave the building fund open for contributions even after this project is complete so that we can continue to prepare for the larger projects to come down the road, Lord willing.

We have planned a congregational meeting on Aug 22nd after each morning service to answer any questions you may have and to vote on moving forward with these enhancements as funds become available. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like additional information before the meeting, feel free to contact Mike Mitchell (727-512-4727), who has been leading up this committee on behalf of the Elders. He would be happy to talk with you.

In His Service,

Lakeside Board of Elders


Below are renderings that were designed by the architect. They do not represent the final product. 



Lobby Render

Lakeside Chapel Portico Render