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We want to announce to our church membership that on Sunday, April 25, 2021, the elders are calling a special business meeting that will be conducted after each of our Sunday morning services. Our church constitution requires us to give public notice to the congregation at least one week before a special meeting occurs, and that is what we are doing with this notice.

For many years the roof on our main school building has been in need of replacement. We have patched and repaired the roof over the years, but we have reached the point where patching and repairing cannot keep up with the deterioration that is taking place.

Over the years we have obtained several bids on what it would cost to replace the roof. However, we have not previously been in a financial position to move forward with a full roof replacement. By God’s grace, we now have the funds on hand that would allow us to do what has been needed for quite some time.

Our church constitution at Article V, Part C, paragraph 6 contains the following requirement: “Any transaction, for which the expenditure has not been budgeted, and which exceeds $20,000 requires the approval of the fellowship.” The bid we have received to replace the roof is from CentiMark, a large roofing contractor with substantial experience and expertise, in the amount of $138,825. We have sufficient money in the bank to pay for this new roof without touching any of our designated funds, but we need the approval of the church membership to move forward.

Since the price of this bid exceeds the $20,000 church constitution limit on unbudgeted expenditures, we are calling the special meeting to ask the church membership to approve us moving forward with this project. Because of the obvious disruptions that will be caused by the project, we are hoping to schedule the installation over the summer when school is not in session. That is why we need approval now to be able to enter into a contract to move this project forward. We would prayerfully ask all of our members to attend this special meeting if at all possible.

If you would like more information on the technical aspects of the project, please contact our Facilities Manager, Mike Arbia, at the church office (727-441-1714), or via email at