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Children's Choir

Psalm 110:1-3 NASB

The purpose of the children’s choir is to give children aged 3 through 5th grade an opportunity to learn how to glorify the Lord through music. This is done in two different ways, by teaching them about music and the intricacies of music and what it means to sing for the Lord, and what it means to have their motivations be for the Lord (not for their family, etc). Additionally, we want to be teaching them truths about God through the songs they sing. In the past years, we have done a musical with the kids so they have an opportunity to do some acting and how to use those talents to honor the Lord, to get into characters, and express those characters in a way that glorifies the Lord.

The weekly commitment includes a practice during the evening services on Sunday nights, starting at 5:45 PM - 7:00 pm during the school year. The special commitments include singing for a morning or evening service during the year and also participating in the Christmas program in Early December.  as well as leading in a worship night or musical program in the spring.

To sing in a choir, a child just needs to show up consistently for practice including all the special and extra rehearsals that correlate with the programs. Because this is a unique opportunity to teach children to sacrifice in serving the Lord, being at extra/special rehearsals is a part of that. 

If you are interested in singing in the choir or being a helper with the choir, you can contact either: Joel Purcell or Nicole Purcell