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The Community Fellowship Group seeks to bring together believers of all ages and in different places in their walk with the Lord. The goal is to build a community of diverse believers who invest in each others' lives, encourage discipleship and sacrificial service to one another, and to spur one another in love and devotion to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Below you will see the signup for the different electives offered which will start on April 24, 2022. Each elective will run for 16 total weeks. The electives will meet for 4 straight weeks. On the 5th week, we will meet back as one large group in the gym for fellowship and discussion. This 4 on /1 off schedule will continue for the full 16 weeks for each elective followed by a prayer and praise meeting. We hope and pray these topics will be both edifying and faith-affirming for you and your families as we seek to create a more unified body of believers whose goal is to bring all glory and honor to our Great God and Savior.


A Biblical Approach to Fear, Anxiety, and Worry - (Various Teachers) 

When fear, anxiety, or worry plagues us, we must turn to the One who is greater than all our circumstances.  Sometimes these feelings occur so often among Christians, they become acceptable behavior.  But we need to ask: Should fear, worry and anxiety be a part of the Christian life?  In this class, we’ll explore the many facets of fear, anxiety, and worry and present a biblical perspective on how we can overcome each of these besetting feelings.