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The Community Fellowship Group seeks to bring together believers of all ages and in different places in their walk with the Lord. The goal is to build a community of diverse believers who invest in each others' lives, encourage discipleship and sacrificial service to one another, and to spur one another in love and devotion to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Below you will see the signup for the different electives offered which will start on January 8, 2023 Each elective will run for 16 total weeks. The electives will meet for 4 straight weeks. On the 5th week, we will meet back as one large group in the gym for fellowship and discussion. This 4 on /1 off schedule will continue for the full 16 weeks for each elective followed by a prayer and praise meeting. We hope and pray these topics will be both edifying and faith-affirming for you and your families as we seek to create a more unified body of believers whose goal is to bring all glory and honor to our Great God and Savior.


Community and Discipleship - (David Jenkins & Ryan Helms

As believers in Christ, we are called to a togetherness and commitment to one another that transcends all natural boundaries. This wholly unique and supernatural community can only be realized when it relies on the power of the gospel. In this class, we will explore the importance of genuine community as taught in scripture, what we can do to build a strong community, and see the effects community has on our church and witness for the gospel of Jesus.

 How The Lord Preserves His Church Through the Ages - (Jack Jenkins & Mike Arbia) 

How The Lord Preserves His Church Through the Ages, is a course designed to provide insights into how God grew His Church and how the ancient Christians responded to the problems of their day to become the pillars of faith we now consider them to be. Learn how your faith stands on the shoulders of giants like Athanasius, Augustine, and Wycliffe. We will loosely be using Nathan Busenitz’s (Dean of Faculty and professor of church history at The Master's Seminary), book, Forerunners of the Faith. This course will serve as spiritual encouragement as we look at the legacy of God’s faithfulness to his people.

Leviticus—A Way Back Into the Presence of God - (Oliver Smith) 

Beginning with Adam and Eve’s banishment from the Garden and ending with Moses being unable to enter the tabernacle, Genesis and Exodus make clear that humanity is cut off from God because of sin. However, Leviticus is filled with hope as God opens up a way for people to come back into His presence. So many have wrongly viewed this book as a collection of random rules and rituals yet at its core it provides a resolution to humanity’s greatest problem—being cut off from the presence of God.